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    Who We Are

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    "Who We Are" is a music video with a vision of changing how we know ourselves & each other. It's all about us, made for the world to see.


    Follow Jess and her friends as they explore and celebrate identity and self-expression. They are young people with unique gender, sexual and functional expression who are proud of who they are.

    On a deeper level, the song asks us to contemplate the current state of humanity and the world. How did we, individually and collectively, become who we are? And why?


    "Who We Are" invites a courageous, new conversation about how authenticity, humility, acceptance and pride can create positive change at this difficult time.


    (NB: A censored version that may be more suitable for younger audiences

    is available by clicking the playlist icon in the top left of the video.)

  • Tell us about it

    We'd love to hear what you think of the video and song.

    How did it inspire you to #BeJustWhoYouAre?

    What insights do you have as a result of reflecting on #WhoWeAre?

  • Support unique expression

    We'd love you to help young people express their uniqueness by supporting these organisations.

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    Rainbow Youth Inc. is a registered charity that relies on the generosity of our donors to deliver our services all across NZ to LGBT youth.

    RainbowYOUTH is a national organisation based on providing support, information, advocacy for young queer and trans* people up to the ages of 28. Additionally, RY has services to support the friends and whānau of queer and trans* youth, as well as their schools and others that work with them.

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    Breaking Boundaries is a grassroots non-profit creative organisation for queer* identified and questioning young people in New Zealand.

    Breaking Boundaries recognises the creative arts as a significant tool in our communities at both the personal and societal levels - providing a medium for creative expression and self-exploration, fostering wellbeing, and acting as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness, challenging discrimination, tackling stigma, and the inequalities associated with marginalised identities.

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    Imagine a world where every person, building and community is truly accessible. And therefore every human being has the opportunity to fulfil their true potential. That world is what Be. Accessible has set out to create.

    Be. Accessible is a New Zealand social change initiative and an holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us all. Be. Accessible is managed by the Be. Institute, a social enterprise that aims to work across all sectors and communities throughout New Zealand. The belief is that every person has their part to play in the creation of accessibility regardless of how big or small the change.

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    About us

    "Who We Are" is a project of Diversity New Zealand
    and Philip Patston.

  • Credits

    This project was enabled by a generous collaboration.

    Words and concept


    BORDERLESS Productions:

    Director: Dean Easterbrook

    Director of Photography: Richard Parsonson

    Camera Assistant: Lucas Baur

    Production Manager: Ella Stuart

    Editor: Dave Henderson

    Executive Producer: Qiujing Easterbrook-Wong


    Diversity New Zealand: 

    Producers: Diversity New Zealand, Diversityworks Trust, Philip Patston

    Diversity Advisor: Sam Orchard


    Jess: Gerry Jaynes

    Jess' friend: Michelle Atkinson

    Jess' friend: Kierron Diaz-Campbell

    Thanks to

    Breaking Boundaries

    Desiree Costume Hire



    ...and everyone who came along to the party scene.

    You helped turn the vision into reality!